Interested in Selling Your Royalties?

PALO PETROLEUM, INC. is actively seeking mineral and royalty interests in the prolific Barnett Shale area of Tarrant, Johnson and Parker Counties, Texas.

  • We Offer Top Dollar Bids and Valuations.
  • We handle all Paperwork and County Filings.
  • We can close quickly and get you the Cash you need.
  • No Hidden Fees or Costs. We cover all Expenses.

Why consider selling your royalties?

Today’s economy has made the need for quick cash more important than ever. As a royalty owner, you may have noticed that your checks have leveled off after declining for several months due to oil and gas pricing. Rather than wait for a monthly check as you currently do, we want to pay you a lump sum for your royalties today!

By selling your royalty interest now, you can receive the cash you need quickly. We currently have associates in your area who can speak with you about your mineral interests and the possibility of selling your interests to PALO PETROLEUM, INC. for TOP DOLLAR.

Our objective is to make it as easy as possible for you to convert your producing or non-producing minerals into cash. Give us a call and we can provide you a direct means to liquidate your Barnett Shale royalties today.

How much money could I receive?

Our offers are typically based on 36 to 60 month payouts (pending certain parameters). Factors including production history, reservoir formation trends and future production and development possibilities allow us to calculate current reserves with a prediction of future reserves and cash flows.

Our goal is to offer you fair market value while addressing risks and uncertainties that may be involved in future interests and commodity pricing.

Who is Palo Petroleum, Inc.?

Active in oil and gas exploration and development for more than 30 years, PALO PETROLEUM, INC. is a family owned business proud of our Texas heritage, years of experience and the diversity of our projects.

PALO PETROLEUM, INC. is a well established and highly respected company that has been active in the oil and gas industry for many years. PALO PETROLEUM, INC. has drilled, operated or invested in over 500 wells and is currently working on several Barnett Shale projects with major operators in the area including XTO Energy, Range Resources and J-W Operating.

Since its inception, PALO PETROLEUM, INC. has remained committed to honest and ethical drilling, operating and investment practices. We’ve worked with and invested with the major players in the oil and gas industry as well as smaller, independent operators across the state of Texas and the United States. We will use our years of valuable experience and expertise to evaluate and create the best possible offer for your Barnett Shale royalties.

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We'll do all the work including the preparation and filing of the mineral deeds. And remember, there are no hidden fees or costs. We cover ALL expenses.

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